The secret of our continued success

Sustained and proven growth doesn’t happen by chance.
It all begins with nurturing new talent.

The AMETEK Growth Model is designed around six strategic elements. Each reinforces the others to create a sum greater than its parts.

A toolkit for success

We combine Kaizen methodologies with an ethos of continuous improvement to enable our business units to operate consistently and manufacture equipment more efficiently.

Creating significant value

We constantly deploy our strong free cash flow on highly differentiated businesses with leading positions in niche markets, while using our growth model to drive long-term, sustainable results.

Cutting-edge technology innovation

We consistently invest in research, development and engineering to solve complex challenges across the globe, resulting in a portfolio of highly differentiated solutions serving niche markets.

Operations all over the world

Through increased investments in improved sales, service and marketing, we have significantly grown our international business and greatly expanded our reach into adjacent markets.

A virtuous cycle

Given our asset-light business model and strong operational execution, our businesses generate tremendous cash flow allowing us in turn to further invest in our growth model.

Driving compound growth

AMETEK’s generation of funds supports our primary focus of strategic, value-enhancing acquisitions. We are also committed to paying a modest, yet consistent quarterly dividend.

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