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Power Instruments

AMETEK Power Instruments serves the world-wide electric power generation and distribution industries with our advanced instruments and monitoring systems. We offer an extensive sales and service network around the globe including the US, UK and Asia. We can provide fault recorders, power line carriers, high accuracy revenue meters, alarm management and much more for your power generation, transmission and distribution needs. Our engineers have decades of design experience and work with each client to meet their stringent requirements.
AMETEK Power Instruments has over 50 years of experience partnering with leading Fortune 500 companies. 

We are a leader in advanced f
lame sensors and thermocouples for gas turbines, used in electric power generation. We also offer an array of instruments used to measure, monitor, and record variables in the transmission and distribution of electric power through our family of products.

We also develop and manufacture sensor systems for boilers and burners used by the utility, petrochemical, process, and marine industries worldwide. 


Our Solutions