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Specialty Metal Products


The medical industry is changing at an extraordinary pace driven by scientific innovation, machine learning, and rapid technological advancements. We’re proud to support this sector with highly specialized custom metal products for critical medical device and orthopedic applications.

  • Small diameter precision tubes for heart valves, cardiac rhythm management, vascular stents, trauma and orthopedic implants, surgical instruments, and spinal cages
  • Precision strip for implantable devices such as pacemaker and neurostimulator enclosures, cranial mesh and spinal cages, coronary and vascular stents, spring clips for header assembles
  • Ultra-thin foil for strain gauges, resistance heaters, capacitor cathodes, stents and spring connectors for medical diagnostics, pressure sensing diaphragms, PCB substrates
  • Shaped wire for orthodontic brackets, toothbrush staples and MRI channel wire
  • Sintered porous filter powders for specialty filtration components in ventilator units


Our Solutions