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AMETEK Growth Model

The AMETEK Growth Model integrates the four growth strategies of Operational Excellence, New Product Development, Global and Market Expansion, and Strategic Acquisitions with a focus on cash generation and capital deployment. Talent development is central to the AMETEK Growth Model, with our people as the driving force of our strategy. Each foundational element reinforces the others to create a greater impact, which provides a scalable platform to drive long-term, sustainable growth for our entire organization.
Operational Excellence
As the cornerstone of the AMETEK Growth Model, Operational Excellence is a key component of the company’s well-ingrained culture. We continue to drive process improvements for our businesses through the use of our Operational Excellence tool kit. These strategies provide improved efficiencies and asset management, leading to strong operating performance.

Strategic Acquisitions
Acquisitions are an important part of AMETEK’s history, and its future. AMETEK seeks to deploy its strong free cash flow on highly differentiated businesses with leading positions in niche markets. We look to create significant value by successfully integrating our acquired businesses into the AMETEK Growth Model, driving increased performance and long-term, sustainable results.

New Product Development
Technology innovation is an integral component of AMETEK’s success. We consistently invest in research, development and engineering to design next-generation products and solutions that are solving our customers’ most complex challenges across the globe. Over the years, our product innovation has led to a portfolio of advanced, highly differentiated technology solutions serving a diverse set of niche markets.

Global and Market Expansion
With operations in 30 countries worldwide, AMETEK is a global enterprise. Through increased investments in improved sales, service and marketing capabilities, we have significantly grown our international business and greatly expanded our reach into adjacent markets.

Cash Flow Generation
Given our asset-light business model and strong operational execution, our businesses generate tremendous cash flow.

Disciplined Capital Deployment
AMETEK’s cash flow generation supports the company’s capital deployment strategy. This strategy is primarily focused on strategic, value-enhancing acquisitions, which ultimately drives long-term, compounding growth. We are also committed to paying a modest, yet consistent quarterly dividend.