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ORTEC headquartered in USA, has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision detectors, signal processing electronics, software, and systems for industry, academia, and government requirements. The ORTEC product line of over 1600 products includes equipment and instruments for nuclear power plant and government nuclear facility operations, special nuclear material safeguards, and fundamental research.
The recognition and acceptance of ORTEC brand equipment is based on high quality, reliability, and state-of-the-art advancement. ORTEC continues to lead the industry in innovative techniques and equipment to perform the most rigorous of measurements. These include:

  • State-of-the-art, high quality High Purity Germanium detector systems with evolving specifications to meet the demands of today's gamma counting systems
  • The first fully integrated Ethernet-based hardware and software platform to allow connection of equipment anywhere in a facility while allowing operators and supervisors to view, edit, configure, control, and analyse data on any hardware from anywhere at any time
  • The continuous development of PC-based GammaVision® and AlphaVision quantitative spectroscopy software packages which are more powerful and easier to use than any previously available software
  • The first integrated DSP-based hardware systems (the DSPEC and DSPEC-Plus) for High Purity Germanium detectors which improve the performance and stability of the gamma spectroscopy counting systems
  • The first fully-integrated DSP-based portable Multi Channel Analyser designed to operate in the field for a full working day without an external PC
  • The first (and only) low-cost mechanical cooler for High Purity Germanium detectors which eliminates the need for, reduces running operational costs of, and eliminates safety hazards associated with Liquid Nitrogen cooling
  • The first commercially available High Purity Germanium-base portable nuclide identifier

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